The Chalaisians

Association Abbyvalb (Les Amis de l'Abbaye et du Patrimoine Valbonnais)
Activities association
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Since it was formed, in 1993, to play a leading role in the restoration of the Abbey and the preservation of Valbonne's heritage, the association has set as its aims:

  • to organize, develop, manage and add to the Valbonne Heritage Museum situated in the ancient dormitory of the lay brothers at the Abbey,
  • to spread knowledge of the Chalaisian Abbey in its simplicity and purity, and of the village of Valbonne, with its checkerboard pattern of building unchanged since its inception,
  • to promote high quality cultural events in the unique setting of the Abbey,
  • to publish a series of special studies (the Servan vine, fountains, oratories...),
  • to constitute archives and a library of books specialised in the history of the area.
In 2014, the operation of the association has become impossible, due to the difficulty in recruiting active members and lack of financial resources,
the dissolution has been decided, according to the statutes , at the Extraordinary General Meeting s' met October 16, 2014 .
(c) Abbyvalb - Les Amis de l'Abbaye et du Patrimoine Valbonnais - 2006